The weekend is fast approaching. For some it will be a time of rest. For others it will be another time of frustration. I’ll make a suggestion. Catch her off guard. Do something you normaly wouldn’t do. What you ask, all knowing one? Uhhh, I don’t know…try cleaning the house. Get up early tomorrow morning, pick up the house. Ask the kids to put their things away, if that doesnt work resort to beating before mom gets up and catches you. Vacum, do the dishes etc..

Why do this? See what it buys you? Let me know. Did it get you can booty credit? I mean women get turned on when you do that stuff right. So, it goes to think that if you do it. You should get rewarded. If you do it and get nothing. Well then, you have fuel for the next argument on why you didn’t to X. Your excuse, it was due to a lack of motivation. Hell, little kids on teams even if they lose get pizza.

I wont be doing any of the aboe mentioned, we’re going to the beach with another couple and the kids. This unto itself due to the location should, and I say should not buy me credit but put her in a better or right mood that would allow things to happen.

Of course I’ll post about what happens good or bad. Till next posting.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 22, 2007.

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