Mmmmm, good weekend.

This weekend was nice. I asked a close friend to come over and watch the kids so we could go out, a date. Wow, it’s been a long time. I’ve come to notice that when life was simpler we were happier. With kids, a home, careers etc. You seem to lose what brought you together in the first place, each other. These small dates, even just going to the movies like we did allows, at least me the ability to remember that we are the foundation for our family. Everything, I mean everything else is built upon that. Just as the base foundation stones for the pyramids were laid. Once they were in, the focus became add on top of those. But, without checking to see if your foundation is holding up to the pressure, add more weight and it will crumble.

So, we went out to the movies. Were out till after 12am. Got home and made GREAT love TO each other! I know this wont be a constant, but for one fleeting amount of time it was great.

I must also admit that I was trying to gain credit throught the day. I washed her Hummer, detailed the tires. (that isnt easy either) I cleaned out the garage. Something she didn’t expect nor ask for. Now I can get my car in there as well. It wasn’t so much about that, but the fact she had mentioned it some time ago. I wanted to get it done, but in the back of my head I knew that when she came home, that I might have bought myself some credit.

I’ve noticed that to women, cleaning, doing things around the house is what turns them on. I dont know why, I cant explain it, it just does to an extent.

One of the best things, my daughter who dooesnt stay with us told me on the way to her grandmothers. “Dad, this weekend was really awsome. Mom and I are really doing well.” This is a big deal being said by a 10 year old about her step-mom. Mom “had” a tendency to come down on her pretty hard. For a time there wasnt anything the kid couldnt do right and the weekends were miserable for all.

So, we’ll see what this week holds in store. I’m predicting that it will go well. I dont see anything on the horizon that should change that.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 18, 2007.

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