Lets Make a Deal

My wife and I were talking in the car about relationships. She said that due to women being wired differently that they find the fact that when we do chores, work, manual labor or take on things they would do that they find that sexy. It even turns some of them on.

Ok, I can go with that. But, here’s my issues.

Lets Make a Deal
We are simple, we want to be rewarded when we do things right. Paplovs dogs were probably male. You tell me that I’m going to get sex if I do X. Cool, you will have everything done that you ask. We understand that, simple. I do X and I get Y. Ok, fair enough.

The Rub
We do what you ask, bust our asses for whatever it might be. Then get nothing. This has happened to every guy at least once. Now, we feel bamboozeled, swindled, cheated out of the deal that YOU came up with or at best lead us to beleive would happen. We say something, “A woman has the right to change her mind.” is the answer we get back. HUH?

The Wrap Up
We get left high and dry while you got what you wanted out of the deal. Does that seem fair? Ahhhh, but a few weeks later you try it again and this time pay up. This is a tactic to try and throw us off guard. It works this time, but we’re onto your little con, or at least we think we are. If your good you can play this out for a while.

Anyways, when the doing of work for X comes up again and we dont move so quickly. You wonder why. It’s all about paying up what was owed.

I would love to have my wife make up a list of things she wants done and what she is willing to pony up for me getting them done. Now that I think about it, my ass would probably be to tired to collect.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 18, 2007.

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