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I was getting a little tired of the same look. I figured I would change it up. What do you think?


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “Theme Change”

  1. I will try and muster up the courage to show this blog to her. I did talk to her about it again(without being angry or overly emotional). Of course I got lucky that night, but it seems to be back to the same old ways. Of course it still seemed like a chore on that lucky night. But of course after being deprived you take what you can get :( We’ll see.

    I’m back from vacation and have to hit the road for a couple weeks. At least when I’m on the road I don’t have to think about it as much because there’s a great excuse for nothing happening. Back to being the “Master of My Domain”, hey wait a minute I never stopped since Child #1 was born. Oh well, maybe one day she’ll retain her rightful role of “Mistress of my domain” full time.

    By the way I do like the new design of the site. I had considered starting my own site of the same topic(s) when I found yours on google.


  2. AnotherFrustrated1,

    Please feel free to let it out here on any post I make, relevent or not.

    Monday wasn’t a good day at home. I was hurt and started to think that we are just roommates in a relationship for the sake of our son. I started thinking that wasn’t fair to any of us. I cam from a home of divorce as well, at age 12. I wish it had been 3 then I wouldn’t have had to see the uglyness that can happen. I too wanted to have a home for myself, my wife and my kids that I wanted. Two parents that showed eachother love.

    The other night I had told my wife I wanted a divorce. It was more so a cry for something to happen. For me to be heard and that what I was saying was serious. After tears and her listening to me, the fact that I just want to be loved and know that I’m needed. Not as the guy that takes care of the big bills but as the guy she loved.

    She spoke to me through tears that due to her relationship and the molestation issues with her father that she didn’t know how to show love to a man. When she went to her mother for help about the situation with the father and nothing was done, the relationship there was damanged there as well and she really didn’t see it.

    I expressed to her that with no communication I dont understand whats going on and this leads me to think that it’s all me. Any communication would help me to understand that there are things she is working through.

    In the end we are still together and she is going to counseling to address these issues.

    Get her to read this blog. Sit down with her and explain your feelings, explain that it’s not 100% about sex, that really is like 1%. As hard as it might be try and get her to open up some type of dialog.

    Let me know what happens. I’m thinking of moving this blog to my own server and also setting up a forum for better discussions about these topics.

  3. This is so amazing. What are we living in a parallel universe. I am feeling exactly the anger and hurt that you described on June 10th. Everything you described is exactly the way I feel. It’s now been over 2 weeks. I told you before I can’t tell the difference these days between when Aunt Flow is here and not.

    I told my Wife a while back that I would never cheat on her, but that I completely understood why men did cheat(at least those like me). I have purposely never put myself in a situation to cheat because I know I’m weak. I learned from past relationships that I can’t trust myself around other women who want me. But you know what. It would be no problem if I was satisfied at home. I could hang out with anyone and never worry about it.

    You want so much to have intimacy and romance with your spouse, but you get nothing in return. I am pissed off, I am shaking angry. I am on vacation now, and waking up early(after staying up late) because of these feelings.

    What really incenses me is that if I go making a big deal about this again, then I will be made to feel like the bad guy. So let me suck it up once again and try to hide my feelings. When she deprives me like this it makes me not want to do anything with her. I sometimes don’t even want to look at her. I’m almost at the point of putting my foot in my mouth, but once again I’m trying to hold back ….

    Again we(Men like me) are very simple. I don’t need fancy gifts or any of that. I am a Man in my prime. Don’t buy me anything for my B-day, give me love. Don’t buy me anything for Father’s Day(at least my Wife), just give me love. Real love. I don’t want just sex, I want to feel desired. I want to feel wanted. I want to feel important enough for her to want to keep me satisfied. I want her to enjoy satisfying me as I do for her. And no I don’t want it to be one of your chores on your to-do list. Are they truly still attracted to us? If so where’s the proof?

    The friendship part is important but I can be good friends with anyone. You know? You invest so much time and commitment in these relationships, I want to work through things, but it seems so one sided. We have 2 beautiful kids, and I came from a divorced home. My parents divorced when I was 3 so I never remember them being together. But I vowed to not put my children through the same. I want them to have Mommy & Daddy under the same roof, with no drama.

    I can’t continue to feel and be frustrated like this. It affects me on all levels. I want someone who feels the same for me as I do for them. There is no fire. I don’t know what to do…

    Sorry for the rant, but I do appreciate you having this place to vent our feelings.


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