Zero, Nada, Nothing, Zilch!!

I’m sorry but I’m pissed off this time! My wife just came up to me gives me a kiss and then says she’s going to bed. I follow her in there and then she starts to complain that I want sex on Sunday and that I should have tried Fri or Sat. WTF!!!  I would have gotten shot down those days as well!!  This shit is going on two weeks now. I try to be a nice guy, I try and understand as much as possible. I dont look forward to a lot of stuff but damn, how about some one-on-one adult time.

Sometimes it feels like we are two room mates that happen to have a child between us. Sometimes I myself do ask “Why, oh why do I keep putting myself through this shit!” I do have a choice.

The part that leaves me and most of us guys is the “what happened” question? When things were new we did the nasty like rabbits. Granted it was new to both of us. For the guy in the relationship we wanted it to continue. What in the HELL changes? Why does it change? Women, wives whatever, figure it out!!!  Thats all we are asking for. We want to know the details how how you could screw our brains out all over the place. To now not even wanting us to think about sex and you in the same thought.

I can understand why a guy cheats. Think about it. Your husband is coming to YOU to get what he needs. Both mental and physical. You shun us, turn us away and then EXPECT us to stick it out for the long haul. So, when a guy, boyfriend, husband cheats your left with the “I wonder why?” question. It’s easy, look in the mirror. He wanted it to be you but you’ve changed the rules of the game, shit the whole damn game and not clued us in on it. Yet, you still expect us to want to be on the same team without any info.

Women, just letting you know. Guys as well. It’s just not one sided. If you aren’t giving your mate that LOVES you what they are looking for from YOU. They will, either seek it or happen to run across it somewhere else. I wouldn’t cheat as I guess I’m to much of a dumb ass. I keep putting myself through crap out of love.

I’m sorry but this episode has got me pissed off, if I sound like an asshole I am truly sorry if I offend anyone.

…….starting to cry gotta go


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 10, 2007.

One Response to “Zero, Nada, Nothing, Zilch!!”

  1. you gotta check this out….The Desperate Dad’s Guide to Getting Some. A fun way to help you understand your lovely wife’s perspective.

    Sounds like there are some complex things going on between you and your lovely wife. But it’s not anything unusual for couples to experience. Surely you understand that the beginning of your relationship invovled a lot of intimacy….because that’s how “GOD” gets us hooked on that good lovin’….it’s almost drug like…and it’s a cruel, cruel trap/joke. Alas, such is life :-)

    Then Kid(s) come along and things get thrown out of whack…..

    I’m just wondering how communication is working (or not) between you and your lovely wife.

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