Am I Needed?

Ok, I am crying and have to get this out of my head…..

Why do I feel like a sperm donor? Why was I good enough to catch her eye at the start but am now made to feel like just a friend? I donated sperm to make our son but feel none of the love from my wife as a family towards me.

Would I be missed? Am I here to just do what she wants me to, be the male in my sons life.

I dont think we would be together now unless it was for my son and that’s not a way to keep things together. On a romantic and personal level I feel so far from her and it hurts. It hurts because I love her. I haven’t asked anything from her but to love me. Is that so hard?

Isn’t this funny, a grown man sitting in front of the computer, tears rolling down his cheaks, typing his blog trying to get what he’s feeling out.

Seems kind of sad…


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “Am I Needed?”

  1. I have read your blog, and I think you should go with your wife for some counseling to vent out what is going on. Have you been married long? You can talk 2 me on my blog if any questions about women you may be concerned about or anything else.

  2. I just want to feel loved. At one point it was showed but I’ve come to think that all my wife sees in me is the negative and not that part of me that she fell in love with long ago.

    I will admit it as a guy, I want to know that despite the negative things that I do and or bring to the table, that in there somewhere I’m loved. It’s when you dont feel that over a long period of time that you start to doubt why your both even in the relationship, or why continue with one.

    I do love my wife with everything that I am. I dont know if she knows it or can see past the negative.

  3. It’s not sad; I would say it’s therapuetic. You start out angry and then move to sadness, which was the real cause of the anger in the first place. Have you thought about marriage counseling? They even have sex counseling. Maybe someone outside of the relationship, with no personal ties, can help both of you see the other one’s side clearly. I feel for both of you dearly.

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