Sex, it isn’t all we want

A comment started me down this path and I thought I should run with it. This goes out to the women. Ladies, although you might think that us men just want to have sex all the time, that isn’t totally the truth. Men do like to be touched, not sexual but in a loving way. A small glance on the arm. Placing your hand on his leg when driving. Just walk up and give us a hug, just because you want to.

Guys need to know we are loved just as much as you do. We aren’t that much different in that area. Some of you due to situation in your past, abuse, incest, rape or what have you, thats a different story and that we understand, to a point.

I’m not going to lie, we understand a little but not how deeply these situations have scared you. If most guys that have female friends were to sit down and talk to them. I could almost bet that they would find out that most of them had something done to them. It’s very sad but a reality.

This will of course make it very difficult for you to show affection almost in any manner. Women, you do have to understand a little about us. I’m not talking about bent over the bed sex. It’s the little stuff that means the most. The more of that you spread around, the longer we can go without sex. We also want to feel loved and wanted.

Women, try it again. You probably used to do it at the start. What happened? What was the trigger that caused you to stop? Please give us these answers? We want to try and understand.

Grab our hand first when walking through the mall. Give us a little pinch on the butt once in a while, it means the world to us. Place your hand on his shoulder or leg when he’s driving. We want the feeling of being close to you and that you want to be close to us.

I don’t claim to have any answers. I just write what I feel.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on June 4, 2007.

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