Sex, The Good and the Bad

Lets just say this hubby got him some booty and it was damn good this time around! I was Saturday evening but due to the holiday I’m just now getting around to posting. My wife has made a great new girlfriend at work. Someone that has gone through the same thing as she has, thus giving her someone to talk to and identify with.

This new girlfriend came over on Saturday and we all just hung around. During the day there were conversations about sex and relations between men and women. I don’t know if this sparked something in my wife but later that evening it was on. Not the “I got attacked on” but it wasn’t like I had to move the world in order to make love. We kind of got into it fast, had fun “I think she even liked it this time” and it was over in 30 minutes.

So, now it’s Tuesday, the bad is that I was told last night to enjoy that little episode for the next week or so. Yeah, you guessed it, “Aunt Flow” arrived. Well, at least I went out with a bang.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on May 29, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sex, The Good and the Bad”

  1. This feeling is all too familiar, I am not allowing this kind of situation with my wife to carry on though – sex is very important in a relationship, and so is meeting the needs of both parties. Fortunately, my wife acknowledges that her feelings about sex are an issue, so she is prepated to deal with them (she says!).

    We are alreday doing couple counselling for our relationships issues, but I know that we will cover our sex lives in these sessions so I want our counsellor to help us deal with this mismatch. It is really hard to deal with these alone inside the relationship, as it is hard for a loving man to force his wife into sex: as you both say, it is only enjoyable when it is a two way street.

  2. AnotherFrustrated1,

    Yes, after a long period goes by you dont know what to do. It’s not due to the lack of wanting them but for the reason of loving them. One part of us just wants to jump their bones, while the other wants it to be great for the both of us. Thats the sticking point.

    We understand as much as they have told us to an extent and we try our best as loving husbands to not give you the same feelings. So, we fight with ourselves on the best approach to take. In the end we feel that there is no best route and just pass for now.

    I hate the fact that sometimes I feel that I’m just using her body and she isn’t into it. Women don’t understand that it is just as much mental as it is physical for us as well.

    Getting shot down all the time isn’t fun either. It makes you doubt yourself and in some guys (not me) it causes them to seek out others that will make them feel like they still have it or are wanted. That goes both ways as well.

    So, whats the answer there isn’t one really. My goal with this blog was to share with others what my life was like and my hope was that people, both men and women would respond back. The good and the bad.

  3. I can’t tell the difference anymore between when Aunt Flow is around and not. Thanks for having a place for us to vent. My Wife grew up with the same unfortunate circumstances as yours. But of course things didn’t dry up until our first child was born. Yep that was 9 years ago now. You know I have faint memories of actually turning her down(not often, but once in a while), but of course that was 10 years ago. Ahhh…The good ole days. Now I feel powerless in our physical relationship. Do you feel like you can’t initiate anymore? I get shot down about 95% of the time. It’s when she wants it, or rather when she feels like giving some charity, aka getting the chore over with or not at all. At least that’s the way it seems. I can only recall many years ago when she had that fire in her eyes of really wanting me. What I would give to have that again. True satisfaction, when its a 2 way street.

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