Bingo!! He got some

Yes, it happened. After weeks of not making love to my wife, Sunday evening was the day. The little one was off to bed, things were quite, she hadn’t mentioned about feeling sick, having a headache or something other then not feeling normal. My train was on the tracks and moving right along. My wife finished watching Survivor kissed me and said she was going to bed. I quickly stood up and seized my chance. I grabbed her, gave her a kiss and slid my hands down under her thing on her butt cheeks. (She had been without clothes on the bottoms for the last few hours of the evening, waiting to go to bed.) She stated again, “I’m going to bed.” I looked at her and made a little laugh and stated “you know that isn’t really going to happen” she turns and says that she’s going to the bed room. Bingo!! the green light.

After some kissing, rubbing I pulled out the toys. One with batteries one with none.

(Note: Guys try some toys, their fun. Also dont think that getting one bigger then you will replace you. She would rather have you anyways. But, to be fair I provide for her first.)

After everything was done, she went to sleep and I got up and went into the living room. It was good but not great. I would rather have her really get into it but for women I guess it isn’t going to happen like that all the time.

Till next weekend and the adventures that it may hold……


~ by Frustrated Hubby on May 14, 2007.

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