Anyone there?

Ok, I think there are at least one or two readers that get my feed. I started this blog as a place where husbands could share their stories and comments with me breaking the ice.

Is there anyone out there that does read this blog? Maybe it’s just my form of stress release about the subject.

If your out there let me know. Good, bad and the ugly…


~ by Frustrated Hubby on May 11, 2007.

9 Responses to “Anyone there?”

  1. Well, speaking for myself, it’s alot of things. Life, in general, I’m tired, and after just having given birth 2 months ago, I don’t like the way I look. I know, I know, HE still does. But I don’t, I can’t get past it. And I’m probably one of the few women who does enjoy it!

  2. I started this blog just because of that. I noticed my single friends couldnt relate to what I was saying but my married friends would knod their heads in agreement. Why is that? Why is it that, even after the lust has worn off that for woman is drops off steaply?

    Is it life? Is it kids? Is it having to deal with our crap on a daily basis?

    I’ve noticed that for women outside influences can drasticly effect if and when they want to make love. For us guys. We can push that out of our heads.

  3. Can’t help wondering how many of us there are and how others cope with the frustation. Can’t imagine being married to a woman that loves sex and could possibly want more than I do.

  4. Thank for the kind words and for reading. A release yes. Also, after talking to several married friends I started to notice that we had been going through the same things. Some of the stories were slightly different but overall the same.

  5. I check in every week for your updates!!! As a lady reader, I try to comment when appopriate. You might like to look up the book “His Needs/Her Needs” or

    I know that this blog is a ‘fun’ release for you. Just throwing tidbits out that you and/or your sweet wife might find helpful!!!

  6. Thanks people for letting me know that there are people out there reading this blog. I was hoping that both men and women would read and comment.

    It’s my attempt to honestly speak to both sides and try and find some happy medium.

  7. Funny, your the third hit when I typed “Sexually frustrated husbands” in Google. The first two hits were about sexually frustrated women trying to turn on their husbands… my first thought was “Lucky guys. Imagine having a wife that WANTS to have sex.”

    I feel your pain.

  8. Is any of the stuff that I’m saying make sense? Is it helping either one of us?

  9. I feel your pain, That’s how I found your site.

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