About to Explode! Back Away, Back Away!!

So, due to the wife being sick for like 2 weeks, I can be understanding and my hornyness level decreases. Well, I hear that she’s feeling better and my brain now says “IT’ ON!!” This isn’t always the case.

So, it’s Thursday and I’m looking forward to the weekend. It has been no booty time for me since, hell I don’t know look at my last post when I did get some.  I also know I’m working on a diminishing schedule as well. I know that any day now she’s going to tell me that Aunt Flow is here once again. Cutting me off for another week or two. Uuugh!

Ok, all those things you get told as a kid. Don’t run with scissors, Don’t look into the sun, Don’t play with yourself or you’ll go blind, grow hair on your palm etc. WRONG!! It doesn’t happen. If it did I would have stabbed myself in the chest as I ran through the house, would have burned my retinas by looking directly at the sun (I wouldn’t suggest doing this for more then a sec though) and I sure as hell would have needed a seeing eye dog and laser hair treatment on my palm by now.

So, let’s see what this weekend holds for me.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on May 3, 2007.

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