Sex, Not for this husband

So, the weekend has come and gone and once again, nothing. I have to be understanding as she isn’t feeling well and I cant be a total ass about it. Although the part that’s hard to understand is during the day it seems as if things are fine and towards the evening she starts feeling worse. Hmmmm, is it me? One would start to think so.

Well, I can look forward to this weekend and hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 23, 2007.

11 Responses to “Sex, Not for this husband”

  1. It reminds me of an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” when the wife sits down on the couch beside Raymond and she give him a preemptive strike with a “boy am I tired.” Implying – don’t even try it tonight. It’s really a sad state of affairs. Sometimes you have to takes steps to spice things up. You get tired of the same thing day in and day out. If your looking for ideas, you might try my blog…

  2. Complicated! There is no manual and when you think you have it figured out, it changes on you! The issues my wife has had in the past have shaped her to the person she is today. Like dealing with the ripples in a pond after a rock has been tossed in. You need to deal with who threw the rock in the first place.

    We are getting along great now, do to her blog and also her seeking counseling. It gives her the ability to get what she’s feeling out.

    I do thank you for the post and encourage you to keep coming back.

  3. Women are complicated creatures, likewise so are men. We are both taught from an early age to behave comletely different from each other. The end result is knowing nothing about your partner. Since I’m female I can only comment in that arena:

    Self esteem plays a large part in a women’s motivation to be sexual with her mate. Even the most attractive woman can suffer from low self esteem. You need to find out who she is with soft, loving communcation. You might find out something about yourself in the process.
    Trust is another issue. Can she trust you to love her completely? That means do you care about her for who she is? Do you ask her questions that let her know you are interested in her? Do you pay attention during love making to what she wants and does it last more than 15 minutes?

    Fortunately we are both of the human species and there is hope of knowing your significant other. A woman has to want sex and the best way for her to want it is to want you. She’ll look at who you are inside first for the root of her desires.

  4. Richard,

    Seems like the issue is somewhere else then just sex. Do you know her past? Did something happen to her? Not that this is anything, just grasping, but in some cases when either sex suddenly stops and doesnt want to try and work on it. There happens to be someone else in the picture. Try an talk to her. Not in a pissed off sounding tone but one of caring and loving. Explain to her that this aspect o your realtionship is important to not only you, but should also be important to her as well. You might be dealing with the ripples of a larger issue.

  5. In my mind the gals that don’t want sex are selfish and self centered. I understand a change in libido, but my wife has zero interest in correcting the situaion. She doesn’t want sex period and I can just deal with it – but not cheat. She doesn’t want it and doesn’t want me to have it either.

  6. Hee hee hee — I just noticed how you said “times this month” above. Plural? Is that OK?
    I know, it’s not about “always”, but if I try often she tends to think it’s about “always”. Try 10 times, 1 might work, but if I only try 9 times the 10th might have been the magic number, who knows?

  7. I’m with you. I do the things I do not to get sex but because I was raised that way. Granted I don’t do things to my wifes standards but I try.

    I came up with this blog after talking to some other married friends and noticed our stories were very much a like. I try to make it funny, yet serious as well. My quest in life isn’t to always have sex with my wife, it’s the closeness that I want. I think that’s why my post on “How to make your guy feel loved” has done so well.

    As far as talking to much, NO WAY! That’s what this blog is for here as well. Talk away. Get what your feeling inside out and realize that there are others out there that are feeling the same things. A kind of support group if you will.

    So, please keep reading and commenting. I get as much out of my readers comments as hopefully they do from my posts.

  8. And I do a lot. A lot, and not just in an attempt to “get some”. I like to cook. I have done laundry since I was 11, so continuing now doesn’t bother me in the slightest. If someone, I’m not sure who, said “sex begins in the kitchen”, I’m not sure I shouldn’t be cooking dinner in the garage. Therapy of some sort? Heck, Ive suggested it — if I am somehow an issue, a problem, I want to know about it so I can fix it (or get it fixed). Kids aren’t an issue here — her doctor said no kids, for various reasons, so I got snipped at 19. Does that bother me? Not in the least. And as far as the whole porn-slash-“relieve tension” thing goes, I have too many guilt issues with that to even consider. Doesn’t matter if I should or shouldn’t, pick your own school of thought on that, I DO. Sorry if I sound like I’m venting or talking too much — I guess the anonymity got to me a little bit, lol. Sometimes I almost wish she was a B**** so I wouldn’t love her so much.

  9. LOL, that’s great. Sounds like when my son goes potty and we give him a sticker. Start peeling them off, then show her there hasn’t been that many times this month. LOL

  10. My wife has taken to putting stickers (really) on the calendar on “good” nights. To her I think it’s a way of showing how often — to me it shows how little. I think it’s harder for me than for some (don’t we all, lol), b/c we’re both still young and she is HOT AS THEY COME, can’t leave the house without getting hit on at least twice. Yeah, frustratedmo, I feel ya on the don’t believe in cheating bit.

  11. once a month for me… hardly worth it. young and reasonably attractive. too bad I don’t believe in cheating

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