Yesterdays theme, FIRE!!

This isnt sex related, just to warn you now.

Yesterday was interesting. On my way to the office I get rear-ended by a kid in a Hyundai SUV. There was a fire on the opposite side of the road that has just started. The truck in front of me slammed on his brakes, smoking the tires, then pulling into the grass in the center median. I went from about 70 to 10 in a heart beat. Good brakes! My foot was off the brake, I glanced to my left to see what this guy was stopping for and I see the flames.

Guys, granted we all want to be the hero. But, when you grab a little extinguisher and run out to a grass fire with 15 foot flames thats 30 feet wide. Give it up, it isn’t going to happen this round.

I pull over in the grass, get out pissed. Look at the back of my car and to my utter amazement, nothings wrong. Very small scuffs that can be wet sanded out in a a matter of minutes. Thank You German engineering. I drive a VW.

The part that cracked me up is that the guys girlfriend that ran up to see if I was ok, then announces that they got into an accident last week. I inspected the car, everything was fine and I sent them on their way. She drove away refusing to allow her idiot boyfriend another opportunity to hit someone else.

The Frantic Two-Way
At about 3:30pm my wife two ways me on the Nextel. “Honey, our son is fine, he’s across the street, I’m ok the fire department is on the way!” HUH?!

I bolt from the office, pushing speeds in rural areas to over 130. I know, I know stupid! I get homeand the damn frig had caught fire inside! There were open flames under it and some marks on the wall. What’s interesting is I told my wife to stay home as the previous day she wasn’t feeling well and I suggested she take the day to rest up before going back into the office. On the way out she asked the FD what would have happened if she wasn’t there to call. He said that the outcome would have been much worse, no home to come home to! Holy Crap!!

So, we run out to Sears, buy a new frig and wouldn’t you know it. It wont be to the house until this Saturday. So, for now its using a large cooler in the middle of the kitchen. Good thing we have a huge freezer in the garage for the frozen stuff.

Man, this week has been interesting to say the least, and I’m dealing with this having not gotten some loving this past weekend.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 18, 2007.

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