Zippo, Nada, Nothing…….My Nose is Running

Well, this past weekend came and went with no events taking place. It seems that my “Getting Booty” day has shifted to Sundays now. I have to pull this back in otherwise I can see not getting any for some time to come.

Although, I’m not upset at all about it. My wife seems to be getting sick. It’s weird, the horny feelings seem to play it very low when I know that medically she cant make love. I guess some part of my brain does kick in and in order to keep itself from imploding it reduces whatever chemical thats produced so I dont get as horny and worked up. Same thing happens when I’m sick.

But, if I have the feeling that she’s just trying to put it off or there is no other good reason. The feelings still stay there.

So, with the wife sick no booty for a bit, and thats fine right now. Granted, still frustrating, but more understanding.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 16, 2007.

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