Will Work For Sex

I think, I understand the differences between men and women or at least my wife.

To women, their boy friend or husband might be sexy or whatever but it isnt until you do some work around the house does she get turned on.

Guys are simple when it comes to sex, very simple. You could be sitting there in a t-shirt, no bra and shorts. We glance over and see even the slightest nipple erection and that’s it. We are on and ready to go. Women, yes, it’s that simple.

Women on the other hand, lol. What I’ve been told. Is when they have less to do around the house they’re happy. When they are happy, then we “might” get lucky. Although! As I’ve also been told this isn’t always the truth.

See for us guys. You tell us “this is what will turn me on and I’m all yours.” We’re dumb enough to think it will work every time. Most of the time it deals with us taking on more of the work load, thus making the woman of the house happier.

Women, this will work for a short time. We are like little kids. We do something good we want to be rewarded for the deed., simple. This is otherwise known as Paplovs dog theory, and we fall right into it. Ask us to do something enough times, don’t reward us or let us think we are going to get rewarded and we will turn around and bite.

Guys don’t want to feel that they have to do manual labor in order to be attractive or turn their counter part on in order to get some booty. We want you to want us as much as we want you. We think that way even though a majority of you don’t.

So, ladies. We don’t mind working for sex as long as we get the reward at the end of the day. Trick us, get a headache, the plague, malaria or something else for that matter and leave us hanging isn’t a good thing and over enough times to look elsewhere. I haven’t as the internet and fantasies work for me.

So, for now keep us working and rewarded and everyone will be happy.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “Will Work For Sex”

  1. I haven’t gone to anyone else for several reasons. Both my wife and I came from house holds that had parents that had been married several times over in some cases.

    We as 30 somethings had seen how “easy” for our generation to make the choice to call it quits. We wanted to be different. To work and in some cases fight for what we wanted. Granted, it hasn’t been easy and it’s been very close several times. But, we always realize that we do love each other and decide to make it work.

    So, with that the first one is I’m trying to say is that I love my wife. We also have a 2 year old son. So, the second is I have far to much to lose by going else where then to stay at home and work it out.

    Why get some ass a few times for a short term gain when you face suffering a long term loss.

  2. WOW! Two posts in one day!

    Good luck with the rest of the weekend. I’m rootin’ for ya.

    Why haven’t you gone to someone else for sex? Do you think you would?

    Does your wife know about this blog?

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