Yeah! You Guessed It.

So, it’s Tuesday and I’m reflecting on this past weekend. Wife had a bad headache on Sat and if you’ve been reading is my time to give and get some loving. My wife also invited everyone over to our house for Easter. Great……  So, she wants the house to look nice. This is code for: I’ll pick out what I want done, YOU’RE going to do it right?  Answer wrongly and us married guys knows what happens.

So, I’m out in the yard digging out the old mulch. My wife comes out and says “I thought you could just pour it over the old stuff” I start to laugh, “Uhhh, no honey. You have to take out all of the old stuff and replace it with the new stuff”

I get the yard done, I’m tired. I get a shower and wouldn’t you know. The male body or at least mine will always find the energy for making love. Later that evening I tried and was shot down like the Red Barron.

Sunday – My Last Chance
Easter is over, everyone has left. It’s later in the evening. I don’t remember how but we ended up making love. Whooo Hooo. The best part, and it doesn’t happen often is she out lasted me.

Guys Take Note:
Your wife, girlfriend wont enjoy the finger in the butt when your trying to please them first unless they ask. If they are into it then by all means, poke away.

So, till next time…


~ by Frustrated Hubby on April 10, 2007.

2 Responses to “Yeah! You Guessed It.”

  1. My wife has had issues in her past as well. Lets just say a father doesn’t make a good Daddy.

    I know what you mean as well. I get tired of dating myself. One thing we both have to remember though is that we both made promises “for good and bad” For me at least, having come from a home with multiple marriages on both sides. I wanted to do this once and set a new precedent for our Generation X.

    I know as frustrating that it is that you also have to remember that at the young age of 36 she’s lost a part of herself that identifies her as a woman, in her eyes.

    Be understanding, be there for her. Sit down an have a real heart-to-heart with her. Try to tell her, that while you can’t totally understand what she is going through. You are there for her. Also, let her know that to us guys “making love, bumping uglies, making love” whatever you want to call it is our way of feeling close to the one we love.

    I’ve come to notice that my wife doesn’t understand that us guys like to be touched, caressed etc. We as humans also need to know we’re loved and wanted.

    So, I say hang in there. If you always need to jump start visit your local adult store, spend a few hundred on toys and batteries, come home and look at her like your going to make her pass out.

    Good luck and let me know what happens.

  2. Well Bro, dont feel like the long Ranger, you are suffering as I do with the I have a Headache or not now syndrome or the killer one is “You think about sex all the time” statement. My wife is 36 and we have been married for 7 years, during that time she has had all her female organs removed and now the sex drive is…..well pretty low. Unless I start it (when I can get her to agree to it) ther is no Drive for her, no getting horny or her starting it.

    There is just NO connection froom her gentallia to her brain, unless I jump start the system… just aint gonna happen, and getting her to let me jump start it is another challenge in its self.

    I got to tell you if things dont change, I fear its the end of the marriage……for us.

    I will tell you I feel for you because if you are 1/2 as sexually frustrated as I am….well lets just say if I were a Nuclear Weapon I could level 1/2 of wyoming.

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