I can see the future

I haven’t posted in a bit not because things are going well. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time. I guess that’s a good thing as it keeps my mind off of….

After 8 years you start to understand the signs of when things aren’t going to go in your favor. Now I don’t mean just a few hours in the future but the entire weekend is going to be like throwing darts in the dark with a swinging dart board. My advances will be that “Thwaunk” sound that’s made on the wall when one misses.

Things started out well….  then life kicked in. Saturday was shot as you guessed it ” I have a bad headache and have had one all day.” This small statement has been said in passing a few times throughout the day. Now dont take me wrong I’m not a jerk, but these subtle plants are leading up to the crashendo that was to be the final statement, crushing my hopes to make love to my wife.

The Kiss of Death
She walks off, and gets ready for bed. In the back of my head I still think there is a glimmer of hope. She comes out, gives me a kiss and says she’s going to bed. Well, there you have it. The end of my hopes and I know its weird but this sinking feeling comes over me.

Oh, man it’s Sunday
Sunday rolls around and I know nothings going to happen. It’s the day before the work week and god for bid that later in the evening we get together. I know waking up that there will be no lovin today and thus this weekend is a bust. Although I do keep my options open. I still “think” that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Nope! no light. I also have to confess that my mood has soured and when my 2 year old son would stay in his bed I kinda of got on him more then I should have. Bad me and he didn’t deserve it. I took my frustration out on him from a weekend of upsets and that wasn’t fair. Oh, I didn’t beat him or anything just yelled for him to get back in bed. Yelling isn’t something I do often so it wasn’t called for.

So, I’ll keep hope alive for next weekend.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on March 23, 2007.

5 Responses to “I can see the future”

  1. Also, please feel free to come back and post. I try and add humor to my posts, I guess it’s in my personality. I would also suggest that you show this blog to your wife. Allow her to make a comment to a post. it might help, hell wont hurt.

  2. No your not, hence why I started this blog. I wanted an out let for me to speak what I’m thinking as well as give both men and women a way to discuss what they feel.

    I’ve found out that a huge part of it is the lack of communication and also the way some women were brought up in conjunction with things they have gone through.

    I came from a home with divorced parents several times over. I’m not messed up for it, but I feel it’s to easy to just move on.

    If I knew then what I know now…. Yes, I would do it all over again, in a heart beat. Why? I agreed to “for better or worse” This is the worse. So, as frustrated I get I’ll continue to stick it out.

  3. Wow I’m not alone???

    I was frustrated one morning after having received yet another rejection from my wife…her 11th in a row. Now I’m biting my toe-nails out of frustration and plain disappointement. What you don’t know about the one you love the most when you get married. Would we be married if I knew this was going to happen to me….a real good question!!

    I understand how you feel! Too bad it has to be like that…enough to drive a man to insanity. You don’t want to go else where because its her you want…but when you reaalize that you are starving…what to do?!!!

    I have to be honest…it doesn’t help much knowing you are living the same thing as I…I wish my wife would just stop and realize that I exist too…not just her To-Do list!!

    Signing off…another frustrated dude!

  4. Yes, and she has bad mood swings. There are also long term deep issues that have happened. I know this all plays into it and I try to be as understanding as possible but it’s not easy.

  5. Does she take the birth control pill? That killed my drive…as did having a baby (who continues to morph into toddler, preschooler, etc.). The kid stuff does get easier (somewhat :-).

    I swung totally in the opposite direction after I quit the pill. Hubby can’t keep up, now.

    Not suggesting any infidelity with your wife, just LOVE the excerpt from this book. I ordered it for myself, but it hasn’t arrived yet. You might find some insight here.


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