Uggg, The Visit

The other day my wife was acting short and a little distant. She had complained the previous day that she was tired. Well, having a 2 year old that loves to climb into bed with you at 4am when you have to get up at 5:30am can make you tired. After getting home from the office I sit down next to her and as nice as I can in the most sincere tone ask her if in a week, Aunt Flow will be here?

Well, I got my head bit off and was told “not to ask” and a look that could kill.

Women, we ask this not to see if your acting “bitchy” but we truly want to know so that we understand on how to deal with the situation. We then can turn on the understanding mode, the mode of we need to watch what we say and or do etc. We ask this so that we can make things easier during this time on everyone.

All that we ask is that a simple “honey, I’m sorry if I act a little bitchy this week, it’s that time of the month.” hey cool and we can roll with that. Now, if a guy uses that against you later on in the week with a nasty statement like “your actingg like a B* because your on the rag.” Then, by all means have at his ass. That isn’t cool and shows a lack of disrespect to the one you say you love.

This is also the time that I have found interesting. In most cases women want to be left alone. I have seen it go the other way during this time as well. For most guys this the time when we know we aren’t going to get vaginal sex and that’s fine with us.

The other thing we don’t understand about this time is. “If we cant have sex that way……….” guys will come up with other ideas on how to still have some form of sex. Why is it that when you, a woman can’t have sex say due to Aunt Flow, you decide that we shouldn’t either? Sounding selfish, there are things you can do to us, that we can always owe you later.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on March 15, 2007.

One Response to “Uggg, The Visit”

  1. Its like the old joke, husband and wife in bed, he rolls over and tries to get something going. She sighes and says, “not tonight, I have a gynocologist’s appt. tomorrow.”

    He rolls away, thinks for a moment, then slides over and asks, “are you going to the dentist too?”

    In my woefully limited experience, women do not like to admit the hormones discharged by the approach and arrival of Aunt Flo have an effect on their behavior. Its like admitting a weakness.

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