Time and/or the lack there of.

So, I’ve found that there isn’t a right time to have sex with your wife. One time it could be in the morning. Another it could be just grabbing her and carrying her to the bed room after the kid has gone to bed, during a movie that you were planning to watch.

Time I have found out is the enemy for all guys. Women have a hard job in the home, some more then others. Some have full time jobs, then come home and deal with the house, kids, husband etc. Even with my help I’ve seen my wife not sit down to relax until 9pm and then she’s ready to go to sleep. Ugh.

Women, for us guys. We could have worked a 12 hour day. Yet, after taking a shower if you offered up sex. Most of us are going to take it not matter how tired we are. There is still something left in the tank.

I’ve learned it’s hit or miss and sometimes feels that the planets have to be in alignment before any sex is going to happen. I keep trying though, I keep fooling myself into thinking I’m going to find the “perfect” right time one of these days.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on March 15, 2007.

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