Honey, What’s Wrong?

My personality is the one that I want people to be happy around me and if they aren’t then I want to try and fix whatever is making them unhappy. Make sense?

This question for any guy on the planet, no matter what the language will always yield the same answer, “nothing”.

Why is that women? Do you think that us men are that out of touch with the one that we love that we can’t sense when something wrong? Don’t you realize that because we love you that we want to take away whats making you upset?

For a guy if this isn’t handled just right. He can effectively cut himself off from booty for at least a few days. Keep pushing it, piss her off and she wont even know how long.

I’ve had this happen a bunch of times and and still don’t get when to let it go. So, I’ve done without on a number of different times.


~ by Frustrated Hubby on March 15, 2007.

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